Consolidate my journals

I have a bunch of apps where I can manage information, and I should cut them back and figure out which one I’m using for what.

Here’s an initial list of my current use case of them.

  1. Bike journal for logging information to my blog (or privately).
  2. TaskPaper journal, which is more of a running list of tasks for today, but can be used as a private journal.
  3. Day One which is an actual journal app, but kept private.
    • I recently re-installed Day One, because it is still the best and most native-looking private journal app I know on the Mac. I don’t trust their custom sync engine though.
  4. Strflow, for capturing ideas.
  5. #Zettelkasten, which can be also used as a journal.

Follow-up: 2024-02-21_00-19-conclusion-on-my-journaltype-apps