Conclusion on my journal-type apps

I concluded that each of these tools has its place.

  • Decoding files #DigitalGarden
    • Raw Bike outlines to quickly edit and publish a post to my blog.
    • All the content in these files should be ready to be published. Private things can be tracked in the interstitial journal.
  • Interstitial Journal #Journaling #TaskPaper
    • A way to track information throughout the day.
    • Work on routines using checklists.
  • Day One
    • My private blog, where I can explain ideas and thoughts to myself without the fear of any public visibility.
  • Apple Journal #Journaling
    • The life bookmarking tool for my thoughts and photo stream.
    • My photos are a stream of captured moments and I can highlight important ones by adding them with a short description to Apple Journal.
  • Strflow
    • Strflow is great for short idea dumps when I’m thinking about something. Then these ideas can be moved to my system in OmniFocus/Bike.
    • I don’t have any use for Strflow currently, so I’ll remove it from my toolchain.
      • I keep the app installed because I have content inside it.