Thinking with a digital Zettelkasten

  • My idea of having a flexible thinking space means that I should be able to expand an idea everywhere in my #Zettelkasten.
  • Using iA Writer as the thinking space, I can automate new note creation using my “New Zettel” shortcut, which creates a new empty note and copies its wikilink to the clipboard.
  • After creating the new zettel, it displays the quick open bar in iA Writer, so I can choose to open the new note, or dismiss the search pane and paste the wikilink into the current one.
  • The workflow with this approach is that I can quickly create new notes, but keep them in the drafting phase, so I continue developing them later.
  • When a note is properly expanded, I can add it to the outline with the final zettel ID, and link to other notes.