Exploring the database format of Things

I was think about switching from #Things to #TaskPaper. Task-management is the last piece where I still don’t use plain text, albeit using Markdown in Things notes (see 2023-12-09_12-09 Things to-do journaling template).

  • Why I like Things
    • Nice UI
    • #Markdown support in notes
    • Really good #Shortcuts integration
    • iOS and iPadOS versions, which are at the same level of excellence
    • There is a link to everything
    • No attachments
      • People tend to dislike this. Having no attachments support forces me to have better attachment management in dedicated apps like DEVONthink
  • Why I don’t like Things
    • Uses a database
    • Sync is not end-to-end encrypted
    • No Spotlight integration
      • On the Mac, I periodically run a script which creates .hook files linking back to projects as way to have a fake Spotlight index.

Knowing that the database is fairly easy to understand, I’m a bit more confident that I can export my to-dos out of Things. I can even use the SQLite database directly as an archival format too.

The non-existence of end-to-end encryption is still bugs me though.