Zettelkasten setup tasks

I just finished setting up my new Zettelkasten website.

Remaining tasks:

  • Backlinks
  • English localization
  • iPad Pro setup
  • MacBook Pro setup
  • SF Symbols icons @canceled
  • Link outline
  • Note types
    • I should be able to create fleeting notes, reading highlights
      • Automate this is Drafts
    • Everything stored in one place with links to different notes
    • Permanent notes should be set automatically
      • Permanent note is linked in the outline
    • Each note type has a different layout icon
    • I can set the note type in the source Markdown file
    • Show the breadcrumb only in permanent notes, since those are the ones linked in the outline
  • Outline based navigation
    • I can go in a note to…
      • Parent (parse it from the the zettel ID)
      • Previous (if available, the first note scanned backwards which has the same indentation)
      • Next (if available, the first note scanned forwards which has the same indentation)
      • Branch (if available, the next line after the current one which has a bigger indentation)
  • Markdown checkboxes
    • Add checkmarks for task indicators
  • Disable Google indexing @cenceled
  • Different type of breadcrumb for non-permanent notes
    • Remove the “Outline” text, it should be just a / character
    • 2023-10-17_16-41
  • Integrate images
  • Fix the image integration in RSS
  • Add a share link using the JavaScript share sheet API
  • Fix note links