Appending information is way to keep a history of changes

Follow-up on 2023-10-23_22-27:

  • By appending information, we don’t delete existing information, we just add new information at the end of the stack.
  • Having all changes visible in the chain (even the bad ones), makes harder to erase mistakes.
  • Analog systems like Antinet #Zettelkasten or #Journaling are forcing us to organize information by appending it at the end of the stack.
  • Digital systems can be used like this, but they need the right mindset from us, so we don’t remove mistakes.
  • Appending information gives us a way to see the development of an idea.
    • Keeping a history of changes called versioning in computer software.
    • A Zettelkasten és a GTD hagyja természetesen kialakulni a dolgokat
    • Zettelkasten jegyzetsorozatok 2.6.9
      • A Zettelkasten outline megmutatja egy ötlet kialakulásának történetét
    • A tweetstorm alkalmas egy ötlet publikus tesztelésére
    • We can email ourselves in a thread to capture an idea 2.14.10
    • The capture log is an automatic journal 2.14.12