Send Later in Mail can be used as a Tickler File

We have the Remind Me and Follow-up features in Mail, which could be useful for email follow-ups, but there are problems with them.

  1. Remind Me only works for emails in the inbox, so if I archive an email, it just silently moves the email to the top of the Archive.
  2. Follow-up is a black box, driven by AI, and there is no way to set it up manually for specific emails that I want to track.
    • It is 3 days by default, but I’m not sure if it works for every email sent.
    • I also use a GTD waiting for list to track items waiting for reply. → 2.7.8

Instead, I can leverage the fact that Mail has excellent conversations view, so the Send Later feature can resurface any thread by just scheduling a message which is forwarded to myself.

I have a separate “Inbox” contact card with the +captured text appended to the email address, so when I want to remind myself about a message, I can just forward it to this address with Schedule Later feature.

It will reappear in my inbox resurfacing the whole conversation. I can also add my own notes to a forwarded message in a thread which acts a bit like the poor men’s version of HEY’s sticky notes.